Monday, June 30, 2008

film noir and just plain classics

when i am in a creative slump and dont know how to draw my way out of a paper bag , i turn to movies to inspire me . the contrasts of black and white classics like vertigo , and casablanca always invoke my artistic intentions .here are a few classics films you must see

Rebecca , is a classic movie from 1940 directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Breakfast at Tiffany's , Audrey Hepburn is cooler than cool in this 1961 Blake Edwards movie

The Maltese Falcon , Humphrey Bogart 1941 John Huston

Dark Passage , with Humphrey Bogart again and Lauren Bacall 1947 a Delmer Daves movie

Harvey , James Stewart 1950 a mystical movies of pookah's (large rabbits)

Cape Fear , Robert Mitchum and Greggory Peck fight it out in this classic thriller from 1962

The Night of the Hunter , Robert Mitchum again in a creepy movie with Shelly Winter 1955

Don't Bother to Knock , with Marilyn Monroe from 1952 with Anne Bancroft a must watch

Niagra , with Marilyn Monroe a murder scheme unravels in this classic tale of deceit 1953

Sabrina , Audrey Hepburn 1954 girl likes boy , boy doesnt notice girl , girl becomes woman

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Angela Carter

Angela Carter is one of my favorite british authors , she died of cancer in 1992 and was said to be good friends with other one of my favorite writers Salman Rushdie who wrote The Satanic Verses . Her books are well thought out fantastical tales of deceit , love and sometimes savages in victorian post apocalyptic nightmares.If you love to daydream you will love Angela Carter , here are my favorites.....good luck finding her in the bookstore,its been a treasure hunt over the years I have discovered her in book shops from Oahu to Seattle and San Francisco and San Luis Obispo.The hunt is still on.

Nights of the Circus
Wise Children
Heroes and Villians
The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman
The Passion of New Eve
Several Perceptions
Burning your Boats the collected short stories
Saints and Strangers
The Bloody Chamber

Sunday, June 1, 2008

show me the blood horror , action , thrillers

shoot 'em up
escape from new york / escape from L.A.
kill bill I.II
natural born killers
30 days of nights
death proof
I'll sleep when I'm dead
fight club
the invasion
shaun of the dead
evil dead
dawn of the dead
the orphanage
the devils backbone
do you like hitchcock?
lost highway
mulholland dr.
inland empire
I am legend
28 days
the constant gardener
the third man
to catch a theif
the others
high tension
the descent
sleepy hollow
sweeney todd
the shinning
the exorcist
resident evil
final destination one and two
lady in white
nightmare on elm st.
candy man
the serpent and the rainbow
texas chainsaw massacre the beginning
rosemarys baby
eyes wide shut
night watch
3;10 to yuma
the island
sleep away camp
they live
cemetery man
american psycho