Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mini Collage canvas

 I got my groove on , collage groove that is . I love me some abstract juxtaposition! I covered a 4 by 4 inch canvas with various paper bits , some from an old map and alot from a swingin' dictionary from the 60's.After the paper glue had dried for a bit , I covered it in a 2 part resin which gives it a nice shiny look , next time I want to suspend beads and bits of other stuff in it.Happy crafting!

Egg carton crafty lights

This was such an easy craft and the outcome looks so cool!Just save us your egg cartons paint the insides cut out , create petals shapes , poke through with a pen and voila!you've got lights!
Here is a link for more in depth instructions at ........... http://en.espritcabane.com/handmade-gifts/fairy-lights.php

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Diggin' in the dirt

The days have been so bright and beautiful its easy to lose myself in the garden , I have been potting plants for the patio and pulling weeds. I just added on to my patio and created a funky little path , it kind of looks like a robot if you look at it right.The satisfaction of an okay job well done is super rewarding.In fact you can catch me most mornings sipping tea and reading out here in my sunny spot.