Thursday, July 5, 2012

recently i have become obsessed with 'garage band' , i never fancied myself a musician . sure i love to sing in the car , shower , or perhaps to serenade my dog on nature walks.but i got this hair up my kazoo and decided 'hey!' i love to dance , maybe i can mix some sweet electronica  beats to shake these bones to and low and behold the program was pretty easy to figure out and a day and a half later i put together 5 short songs , 1 of which has a star trek vocal overlay that prevents me from putting it on the world wide web. but yeah i am calling my alter diva ego 'Brown Zukar' to be pronounced zuu-car similar to the german word for sugar , my spelling is horrendous the beats are amateur but i have been having tons of fun , enjoy!

they call me Brown Zukar

click here for butt jiggling groovy beats may be hazardous to your health