Tuesday, August 28, 2012

standing up for what I believe in

 As I post these pictures on my harmless blog I cant help but feel a little paranoid.I hate to think that posting a picture of my self with a sign covered in peace signs could potentially be used against me.The idea of peace should not be threatening to anyone. I love all my sisters and brothers around the world and wished we could all be happy , gainfully employed , well fed and not fear our governments.The peace sign for me has gone from being a cheap fashion accessory of the 90's to an idea of real equality and harmony.I wish big brother understood so I wouldn't have to blur out my address and license plate numbers.Love to the masses!

new fun easy craft project !

 If you are looking to spruce up your windows I suggest making these fun color construction paper cutouts!Miss match colors for a bright colorful contrast , take one piece of paper fold it in half cutout a onion shaped Balaclava or ski mask with a nice open shouting mouth and two angry eyes.I taped four together to create a fun Andy Warhol like effect, all you need is paper and some glue and scissors to show your solidarity ! Free Pussy Riot!!!!

Jill Stein for President

A vote for Dr. Jill Stein the green party presidential nominee is a vote for peace . Her words are truthful and inspirational she talks about the America we all want . Here is a video of Jill Stein check it out no pressure.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

dont worry america just sweep it under the rug

all those murderers and stuff

WTF!Has kind of been the phrase escaping my lips alot lately . I try to be one of those people that kind of pays attention to the news , but lately the news has just been so freakin' weird , weird like up is down and down is up , like what is wrong with people , like why do the obvious criminals like the bankers on wall st. get away with stealing billions when innocent kids caught with a dime bag get murdered in the back of police cruisers.In Anaheim Ca. the cops killed two men in two days on the street where there were plenty of onlookers,families out and about were terrorized because they were witnesses to these horrible crimes, so what do the police do they shoot innocent civilians including children with rubber bullets and they also unleashed a german shepard police dog on a woman who was carrying a baby.I was inspired by how the people of Anaheim didnt back down to the police , they lead peaceful protests and vented their frustrations , which why shouldnt they be frustrated when not even a child is safe from police brutality . I watched a great video on youtube(http://youtu.be/5Xe3BmM5fZM) where several children were being interviewed about what they saw and what happened to them and their friends , one girl who was perhaps 10 said she was running away from the police as they were firing and felt a sting on her leg where she was hit with a rubber bullet , and she also said they shot a 5 year old in the face.WTF!The other story is about James Holmes (the aurora co. shooter) this is such an american story , white kid from the San Diego suburbs who decides to kill a bunch of poeple . Surprised?I'm kind of not surprised at all actually mass killing is a old american past time . The settlers from Europe massacred the natives of this land so they could populate it with future James Holmes's and other serial killer types , our movies send messages that being a killer is cool , and being an elite killer for your government is even cooler and dont worry about those innocent civilians that get in the way.Video games are a no brainer (literally) they are perfect training for you to be a drone soldier killing people thousands of miles away , pretty much the movie "Toys" from the '90's is kind of our reality.People are always going to be psycho but with our fucked up advertising media cluster fuck reality who can blame 'em.I am not saying killers should not be held accountable they should , but our reality is flawed .I was cruising movies on netflix and the number of movies that displayed guns or had gun or killer in the title is more than half of the movies advertised.
 If we dont talk about these things , and alot of people dont want to talk they just want to stick there heads in the sand because they think they will be happier that way . I say that is the way of cowards and we need to speak out about what irks us , tweet it , or pin it , or just face it!
 And with all the negativity out there I send my love to help heal this cracked up world!